Solstice invocation (winter)

stand near,
you brave ones here
around this fire.

stand still,
and know
the light increases again.

so then,
I bring an invocation
I have learned
to summon strength
on solstice.

may I pass the teaching on to you?

my voice is yours
and I hear you say:

now, start
I make moments art
in the shortest day,
the longest night,
I delight.

I delight
where I winter.

whether in fight, failure, or fame
I feel the flame
for this moment.
I feel the fire of my foundation
the fathomless core of my creation.

so I stand
blessed by all spirits around me near
blessed by the ocean and the darkness here
blessed by solstice and the circling earth
a living gift of death/rebirth
to be continued
I stand
to be continued
my light strongly continued.

thank you.
burn fiercely, friends
the fire is here.