The tiger and the strawberry

(a version of the ancient buddist koan)

A traveller once took a long journey.
In a forest on the way, a tiger emerges from the trees.
The traveller flees the path.
The tiger immediately pursues.

Running fast through the underbrush, the traveller comes to a precipice.
The tiger is right behind.
There is no turning back.

So the traveller grabs a wild vine and swings quickly over the edge.
Feet dangling into air, it is a fall to death.
The tiger claws and reaches from above.

Just then, two mice appear.
One black. One white.
They start to gnaw at the vine.

The traveller looks around.
A ripe strawberry is growing on the cliff face.
Stretching, the traveller plucks the wild fruit and eats it.
Oh, how sweet.