to say to you, finally

I stood on the cliff face
watching seals and otters
invite me to play
in the open of the western ocean
whom I have not yet joined
this season.

I sang love songs to the sky
and that god there
but did not
strip naked
on the warm rock
with tide-swept barnacles
until I said
all I have is yours
all I have is yours.

then I was free
to remove every piece of art I adorn myself with
lay them out to witness
     gleaming winter-skin
     leap upward
     muscle to sun
     arms full
     of good air
     of this earth
     we all get.

I couldn’t carry any more—the air
and fell
into an ocean
that I learned last year
shivers me to life.

this is just a fancy way to say to you
I have returned to the water.

04/07/22 - for Laura - East Sooke Park, British Columbia